Nick Stone

318031_10151218918273020_1153087777_nI am a designer, photographer and digital artist who has found himself steadily drifting sideways into social media with an emphasis on social history. I’ve run digital engagement campaigns for various parts of the Museums Services both locally and nationally producing materials from a 1930s period-styled accessible newspapers for Tate Britain to social media meets social history events and large scale installations such as the History Wall; which collected 20,000 photographs fron Norwich citizens and archives to produce a large photomosaic. I recently produced rephotography and colourisations for several exhibitions and displays for NMAS. Recent personal projects have include Rephotographing the Baedeker Blitz in Norwich, recording the modern landscapes of the Western Front, and documenting some of the erosion and revelation on the North Norfolk Coast. I write frequently about the liminal things I like exploring on my website invisible works. I’m happiest in the mud where history lays at it’s thickest, whether it’s the palaeolithic foreshore on the East Coast, looking at lumps and hollows in the landscape or ‘Eye deep in hell’ on the old front lines, I spend far too much of my time taking photographs of things that aren’t really there.

My website is invisible works, My rephotography work can be found on Flickr and Facebook.


One thought on “Nick Stone

  1. Hello Nick, I recently saw a book at school which had a special glasses that made images 3-D. Have you considered developing 3-D images for foundations, for example of the Rose Theatre, to improve immersion’? It may be costly but it just came to mind.

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