Lorna Richardson


I’m a post doctoral researcher based at Umeå University Department of Sociology in Sweden (very far north, very cold), and I research Internet-mediated archaeology. I am also a self confessed public archaeologist, which means in reality that I do a lot of public and community archaeology stuff for free, especially through digital means. My PhD research explored the impact of Internet technologies on the practice of public archaeology in the UK, and I am well-versed in the theories and methods of digital public engagement after a number of years working in the sector, and theorising wildly about it as a postgrad.

My interest in this project stems from a desire to see whether my own theories on the location of archaeological authority within the increasing professionalism of the archaeological sector (vis IfA Chartership etc) are actually meaningful outside the Ivory Tower. I’ve a few ideas about what I will do during my month of public engagement, and yes, it will probably involve the Internet. I should get out more…


One thought on “Lorna Richardson

  1. A lot of universities are using Massive Open Online Courses and with that things like Google Hangouts, you could use that to talk with other Archaeologists (on a sort of panel?) and answer specific questions about public Archaeology (and get their views/develop their views).

    Oh, and it’s fine to not get out much – it’s an urban jungle out there!

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