Aisling Tierney

Aisling (Ash) TierneyI’m a dabbler in a range of subjects, but most of my focus rests on archaeology and sustainability. My PhD looks at the historical archaeology of the Hell-Fire Clubs of Britain and Ireland in the 18th century, so this leads me to look at material culture, art history, blasphemy, and theories of transgression and subversion. I love teaching and developing new learning techniques, and this spills out into my interests in digital content.

My undergraduate degree was in Trinity College Dublin, and my MA and PhD lead me to the University of Bristol, which appears to have become my permanent home.

I’m looking forward to trying out some unconstrained ideas, and maybe bringing a little bit of 18th subversion into the 21st century. I’m finding my public engagement feet at the moment so this will be an interesting challenge! For archaeology and some silliness, follow me on Twitter @IrishAshyT, or a bit more serious

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