Folksongs and Foot Paths: Part 4

Upper Beeding to Plumpton (14 miles), train to Rodmell  

Memories of Shoreham by Sea

(Peggy Bailey Collection)

‘After a time, though, Inman found that he had left the book and was simply forming the topography of home in his head. Cold Mountain, all its ridges and coves and watercourses. Pigeon River, Little East Fork, Sorrell Cove, Deep Gap, Fire Scald Ridge. He knew their names and said them to himself like the words of spells and incantations to ward off the things one fears most.’

‘Ada wondered about his hundreds of tunes. Where were they now and where might they go if he died?’ – Charles Frazier, Cold Mountain


N.B I have persisted in trying to track down another version of A-Maying (David Miles, Heyshott), as luck would have a particular search subject that I haven’t tried before bought up the tune and words, collected from none other than Samuel Willett. I sent them to the safe hands of the brilliant Valmai Goodyear for resuscitation.

A-Maying lyrics A-Maying

Bonny Light Horseman, Mrs Cranstone, Billingshurst, 1907, George Butterworth

Bonny Light Horseman, Michael Blann, Colin Andrews, Upper Beeding

A Word On Sussex and Sussex Songs, Samuel Willett to Lucy Broadwood

Hare Hunting (lyrics), Samuel Willett, Cuckfield/Fulking, 1890, Lucy Broadwood

Hare Hunting (music), Samuel Willett, Cuckfield/Fulking, 1890, Lucy Broadwood,

George Townsend, Life of A Man

Mustrad preview track The Echoing Horn, George Townsend,

Come Write Me Down, Various

Ploughman Lads

Copper Family

The Willetts, Fulking

Samuel Willett 1851 Census

Samuel Willett 1881 Census

Sussex Postcard by Albert Edward Willett

George Townsend

Colin Andrews, Shepherd On The Downs

Brighton Vox Choir

Shoreham Memories

David E. Gregory

The Ones That Got Away:

Sovay, Painful Plough?, Mr Welfare, East Chiltington, George Butterworth, 1908

The Banks of The Green Willow, Mr Cornford, George Butterworth, 1908

You Seaman Bold That Plough The Ocean, Fair Maid Walking, H. Hunt, George Butterworth, 1908


Footpaths and Folk Songs: Part 3


Day 3 – Amberley to Upper Beeding, 14 Miles

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Sonnet V. To The South Downs – Charlotte Smith

AH! hills beloved!–where once, a happy child,
Your beechen shades, ‘your turf, your flowers among,’
I wove your blue-bells into garlands wild,
And woke your echoes with my artless song.
Ah! hills beloved!–your turf, your flowers remain;
But can they peace to this sad breast restore,
For one poor moment soothe the sense of pain,
And teach a breaking heart to throb no more?
May, 1915 – Charlotte Mew
Let us remember Spring will come again
To the scorched, blackened woods, where all the wounded trees
Wait, with their old wise patience for the heavenly rain,
Sure of the sky: sure of the sea to send its healing breeze,
Sure of the sun. And even as to these
Surely the Spring, when God shall please
Will come again like a divine surprise
To those who sit to-day with their great Dead, hands in their hands, eyes in their eyes,
At one with Love, at one with Grief: blind to the scattered things and changing skies.

The Silvery Tide (tune), John Searle, Amberley, Lucy Broadwood, 1901,

The Silvery Tide (lyrics), John Searle, Amberley, Lucy Broadwood, 1901,

Silver Tide, Mrs Moseley, Treyford, Clive Carey, 1912

The Old or Rich Merchant (lyrics), Walter Searle, Amberley, Lucy Broadwood, 1901,

The Old or Rich Merchant (tune), Walter Searle, Amberley, Lucy Broadwood, 1901,

Young Jockey (lyrics), Mrs Humphrey (given here as Mr Humphrey), Storrington (Sullington), Dorothy Marshall, 1912

Young Johnny (tune), Thomas Bulbeck, Harting, G.B Gardiner/John F Guyer, 1909,

The Merchant, Harvey Humphrey, Storrington (Sullington) Clive Carey/Dorothy Marshall, 1912

The Seasons Of The Year, John Burberry, Lyne (Sussex), Lucy Broadwood, 1892,

Vic Gammon

South Downs Yarn

Benjamin Hoare, father of John (I believe)

Bob Tailed Mare, Irish Girl, Shepherds Health, Jack Williams, Seventeen Come Sunday, Bonny Bunch of Roses, Preety Ploughboy, Gallant Poachers, Mr Hoare, Houghton, Lucy Broadwood, 1901

The Ones That Got Away:

Spanish Ladies, Mr Cooper, Washington, George Butterworth and Francis Jekyll, 1907

All Round My Hat, Edmund Knight, Washington, George Butterworth, 1907

Our Captain Calls, Seeds of Love, Mrs Golds, Washington, George Butterworth, 1907

Jack Of The Game, Mrs Golds, Washington, George Butterworth, 1907

Down In Our Village, Black Velvet Band, Just As The Tide Was Flowing, Mr Standing, Washington, George Butterworth and Francis Jekyll, 1907