James Dixon

Jim Dixon 1

I work as a buildings archaeologist in London, but have ongoing research interests in contemporary urban archaeology, performance and the interrelation of art, archaeology and politics that find most of their expression outside my day job. I received my PhD in Creative Arts from the University of the West of England where I spent my time, very consciously as an archaeologist, investigating the political implications of public art and development in central Bristol from the Second World War to present.

For this project, I’m keen to pick up on my long running interests in tours and ‘the local’ in built heritage, possibly by developing a series of one-to-one tours around London. We’ll see…


3 thoughts on “James Dixon

  1. In a project with Plaistow South Big Local a person was planning on doing ‘walking-tours’. Also they may record a 30 minute audio clip of the sounds of Plaistow. You give something like that a try but recording the sounds of London would be quite difficult…

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