Eve Farren

Eve at Olympics

I am a London-based writer, actor and director. I graduated with a BA in Drama (Theatre and Film) from the University of Bristol in 2012. My final year culminated with my creation of an audio performance walk, ‘Turning Left’, which lead the audience through Bristol’s degenerate urban walkway system. The piece aimed to animate the unfulfilled architectural dreams of 1960’s city planners using pre-recorded music and my own poetry ; it was based on interviews with civic designers, including current mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson, and the head of city tourism, John Hirst. While ubiquitous media is a force for global connectivity, it also detaches us from our immediate surroundings. Drawing on research into contemporary architectural thinking and urban archives, ‘Turning Left’ aimed to reverse this notion, by awakening participants to the city’s geographical mythology, using MP3 players.

Two years later, demolition of the walkway system is currently underway and the site is soon to be converted into student accommodation. I am investigating the possibility of taking members of the public on another performance tour  to raise awareness about the latest ‘architectural imaginings’ that are being enlivened in the space.


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