Elizabeth Bennett

I am an AHRC funded PHD student at Royal Holloway Drama and Theatre Department being supervised by Professor Helen Nicholson. My doctoral thesis ‘Performing Landscapes’ examines contemporary British large-scale outdoor theatre and aims to theorize landscape as a performative concept. Following recent developments in cultural geography and landscape writing, my research is positioned in relation to biography, movement, affect, and absence. I have studied at RHUL previously as a Masters student in Applied and Participatory Theatre and hold a First-class honours degree in Writing, Directing and Performance from the University of York. I have a personal and professional interest in folk music and I intend to use my month to explore the relationship between traditional songs, landscapes, and collective memory. Observing the age-old practice of ‘learning by ear’ I hope to learn songs from local performers and then sing the pieces in their site of origin, documenting both the current incarnation of the arrangements, and the archaeological aspects of the area. Public archaeology is a new field for me, so watch this space …



One thought on “Elizabeth Bennett

  1. Would you also be recording proverbs/sayings from particular groups? I think that’s a nice way to reflect local culture, I don’t know much about folk music but it may develop our understanding of it.

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