The future of public archaeology must factor in the potential for archaeological work – broadly defined – to be undertaken by non-archaeologists, without archaeological supervision.

This project seeks to undertake a year of public engagement led equally by archaeologists and non-archaeologists, aimed solely at the creation of public engagement with archaeology.

It will not produce archaeological products – books, journal articles, or conference papers – but will simply do archaeology in ways that create meaning for others.  This public archaeology in action will be recorded here.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello. My name is Laura Darnell, I am currently pursuing my MA in public archaeology from Middle Tennessee State University. Do you have different projects that you sponsor or is this just a way to share information about various projects?

    • Hi Laura, it’s a bit of a mixture really. Some of the projects here were created specifically for PA2015 and others are public archaeology extensions of existing work. Feel free to email me at jdixon at mola.org.uk if I can help with your research at all.

  2. I’m ready to get more involved in field work. Have always had an interest in Archaeology but it has only been reading or film documentaries. Would like to volunteer for work at the “Old Vero Man” site in Vero beach , Florida.

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