December Day 1: The Sounds of Stonehenge

Screenshot 2015-12-01 19.03.44

Today, Historic England, the National Trust and English Heritage released a video which aims to demonstrate what Stonehenge might look and feel like if the A303 is replaced by a somewhat controversial 2.9km tunnel under the site. You can listen (and see) the video here:

So it seems an appropriate start to the month to begin this project with a link to an existing ‘archaeological sounds’ project from Stonehenge itself by Dr Rupert Till, who is Senior Lecturer in Music Technology at Huddersfield University. According to the Bradshaw Foundation page, ‘Dr Rupert Till suggests that most previous studies of Stonehenge focused on looking at the site, rather than listening to it. He came up with the theory that the famous ring of stone could have sung like a crystal wine glass with a wet finger rubbing the rim.’

You can read, and listen, to more about his project here:


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