What does archaeology sound like?

I couldn’t decide on a project for Public Archaeology 2015, given a multitude of personal mishaps and a year of my interest in grey literature waning, as my interest in writing the future best-selling coffee table book of 2016 (‘Erratica’, a journey through mythic geology and great big bits of rock) grew. So I left the choice of the final project to random chance, well, to Twitter, and did a poll, as it’s all the rage. Doing a poll was interesting, and it was good to hear the comments from people on their specific interests in each of the choices. I shall follow each choice up eventually over 2016 (Erratica will make my millions I bet) but 45% of the voters decided that Archaeology Sounds was the winner.


What does archaeology sound like? What are ‘archaeological’ sounds? What noises does the practise make? (No, not like hot air being released from a balloon, to whoever shouted that at the back). What investigations have taken place before now into the sounds of archaeology either in the past (musical instruments etc) and what can we record today in our daily existence as wind blown archaeologists in the field, or tame ones at a desk?

So my project will be a month long laid back festival of sound, some of which I hope will have public contribution and some of which I will post as links, pictures and general information, hopefully, depending on health and physical location, every other day or so. I will be asking some of you to contribute your own sounds (keep it clean) from your archaeological lives. Right then. 1st of December tomorrow. 31 days of sound.


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