Site_Seal_Gesture: POST 6 – Repository of Artefacts

From Hoo Fort, we derived a container for all artefacts we collected and made in the past months.

After having familiarised ourselves with the structure of the forts, and inhabited it with stories:



etching – Lia – 2009

Our Compass looks out over the moat through the window, beyond the horizon, and in towards the central islet of granite.




Imprisoned by four walls
(to the North, the crystal of non-knowledge
a landscape to be invented
to the South, reflective memory
to the East, the mirror
to the West, stone and the song of silence)
I wrote messages, but received no reply.

— Octavio Paz



The pictures of memory are imprinted, it is clear, on some nonphysical medium, and
are accessible to the embodied thinker in ordinary cases by virtue of some effort
he makes in as much unconsciousness as to its precise character, as he is
unconscious of the brain impulse which actuates the muscles of his heart.

The events with which he has had to do in the past are photographed by Nature on
some imperishable page of super-physical matter, and by making an appropriate
interior effort, he is capable of bringing them again, when he requires them,
within the area of some interior sense which reflects its perception on the
physical brain.

It is generally recognized by science that what is now dry land, on the
surface of our globe, was once the ocean floor, and that what is now the ocean floor was once dry land.

During the course of many millions of years, ever since organic
life existed on the earth, land and water have perpetually struggled for
supremacy. Continents and islands have sunk into the sea, and new ones have
arisen out of its bosom. Lakes and seas have been slowly raised and dried up,
and new water basins have arisen by the sinking of the ground. Peninsulas have
become islands by the narrow neck of land which connected them with the
mainland sinking into the water. The islands of an archipelago have become the
peaks of a continuous chain of mountains by the whole floor of their sea being considerably raised.

“Thus, ever since liquid water existed on the earth, the boundaries of
water and land have eternally changed, and we may assert that the outlines of
continents and islands have never remained for an hour, nay, even for a minute,
exactly the same. For the waves eternally and perpetually break on the edge of
the coast, and whatever the land in these places loses in extent, it gains in other
places by the accumulation of mud, which condenses into solid stone and again
rises above the level of the sea as new land.

Nothing can be more erroneous than the idea of a firm and unchangeable outline of our continents, …’

Excerpts from W. Scott-Elliot. ‘The Story of Atlantis and the Lost Lemuria.’



We used twigs, metal bits, stones, chalk, plaster casts, strings and wood collected over all the sites we visited, dragging them into our Hoo Fort compass.













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