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Welcome to all:

You will be joining our duo into a month of writing on this page.

What you will follow here is a diary of our collaboration during the past two years, as well as live reports on new trips and artefacts still to be made. Past and future events will alternate along the days, so that you can peep directly into the process of re-interpreting heritage as we practice it.


Yesterday evening, we were finally able to fix the general shape this month will take, and here is the string of events we agreed on:


INTRO (1-2-3 October)

POST 1A: Calendar

POST 1B: What is Collaboration?

POST 1C: Our Toolkit.

POST 2 (4 October): Photography and Sound

POST 3 (5-6-7 October): Expedition to Hoo, Live Diary of the Trip

POST 4 (8-9-10-11 October): Making Artefacts, Live Timelapse

POST 5 (12-13-14-15-16 October): Our Kent Itinerary, The Forts

POST 6 (17-18-19 October): On Carving, The Caves

POST 7 (20-21-22 October): Peripheries of London-Chongqing

POST 8 (23-24-25 October): Expedition TBD, Live Diary of the Trip

POST 9 (26-27-28 October) : Making Artefacts, Live Timelapse

CONCLUSION (29-30-31 October)





Following this timeline, to introduce our body of work, we will be posting tomorrow and the day after on the implications, joys and hardships of ‘Collaboration’, and on ‘Our Toolkit’, or how can we trace the impact of heritage on ourselves, and to which extent we can respond to it.

Defining what can be a common motivation and a shared goal has been a continuous challenge, and after having included a few individuals and audiences in our project, we now hope you can be part of it too.

This is an invitation to look at given places, look at one’s hands, then raise our gaze again towards the potentialities of what is, visualize what could be, and take a step forward.



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