Archaeology/Austerity walk: St Paul’s Occupy Camp


We’re pleased to be able to announce the second of our speaker pairings for the walk in December. Taking on the site of the Occupy camp at St Paul’s will be Marjolijn Kok and Saini Manninen. Here they are:


For over ten years marjolijn kok worked at the University of Amsterdam as a theoretical archaeologist. Not satisfied with the way academic work became more constrained, she started her own company Bureau Archeologie en Toekomst, to focus on contemporary archaeology and art. She did paticipatory research on Occupy Rotterdam. In the last 3 years she has mainly been working as an artist. kok works at the studio collective Havenstraat in Rotterdam. Together with line kramer they form the artist’s collective the KOKRA FAMILY, which focuses on projects that problematize the concept of family. She does not limit herself to a specific medium, but collages, digital drawings, collecting, photography and video are her main tools. In her own work kok is keen on the aporial turn of reclaiming historical traces and turning them into contemporary actions. Her work involves long term projects and events that focus on the connections between and the perceptions of people and their material context.

Manninen photo

Saini Manninen is a performance maker and a lecturer in theatre and performance. Her work encompasses solo performances and collaborations that deal with misunderstandings, home, intimacy and distance. Saini’s research focuses on the social, economic and aesthetic effects of theatre’s temporality, and the intersections of performance, material culture and archaeology.

Watch this space for more details of the walk as we get closer to the time…

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