Meaningful pasts: Post #8

1. What objects from the past do you particularly treasure?

Photos, toys, letters, clothes, furniture.

2. Do you think that some objects from the past are best forgotten?

No, I think we should keep a complete and comprehensive idea of how the past was, whether it was deemed good or bad.

3. What intangible pasts (such as customs and languages) are meaningful to you?

I would say songs, words related to very specific items or customs, recipes.

4. How is it best to preserve these intangible pasts?

I think they should be included in studies of the past and the archaeological museums should include them in their exhibitions and displays.

5. If we save more and more objects and intangible pasts, is there a danger that there will be too much past in the future?

It’s not a danger, but it cannot be a weight to carry with us: we need to know the past but we cannot live in the past.

Female, 40s, administrative officer


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