Meaningful pasts: Post #3

1. What objects from the past do you particularly treasure?

Anything that belonged to my grandparents or that my grandparents made (my granny was great at crocheting and I have some of her pieces).

2. Do you think that some objects from the past are best forgotten?

Definitely… I destroyed all my diaries.

3. What intangible pasts (e.g. customs and languages) are meaningful to you?

I am not sure… our family is not big on customs… the only sacred tradition is meeting as a family to celebrate New Year.

4. How is it best to preserve these intangible pasts?

Educating my child why this particular tradition is important and why we should keep it going.

5. If we save more and more objects and intangible pasts, is there a danger that there will be too much past in the future?

One does not have a future if they don’t take time to learn about their past! So no, no danger!

Female, 30s, academic-related


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