Meaningful pasts: Post #2

1. What objects from the past do you particularly treasure?

I have a plethora of objects that I treasure: photo albums, year books, old report cards, kindergarten scrap book … All these items bring back memories of times past.

2. Do you think that some objects from the past are best forgotten?

Not necessarily. Everything that we experience makes the person we are today. Sometimes, we need objects to remind us of what we used to be and whether life has improved or what life used to be.

3. What intangible pasts (e.g. customs and languages) are meaningful to you?

Aside from memories I would have to say both customs and language. Now that I have children, it’s important for me that they can speak and understand French so they can communicate with my side of the family. Although everyone can speak English, some things are lost in translation and I don’t want my children to miss out on experiences do to with language. Customs are also meaningful – it can be the simplest thing such as a recipe at Christmas time or stories that were passed down from generation to generation.

4. How is it best to preserve these intangible pasts?

Passing them down from generation to generation is a good way to preserve them. Writing them down can also be another way.

5. If we save more and more objects and intangible pasts, is there a danger that there will be too much past in the future?

No. It’s important for us to know the past as it formed what we are today. Many cultures rely on the past to form their decisions of the future.

Male, 40s, public servant


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