One thought on “Wood, recycling and the city

  1. I’m a bit late to the party but have been catching up on all the posts about the BWRP. The Brighton & Hove Wood recycling project has been going since 1998 I made a platform bed with ?teak from there not long after they opened, using them for financial and ecological reasons, and to support a community project. The bed moved to my next house, cut down, then when I left the UK I dismantled it and took the wood back, so it entered the recycling system again.
    In Walthamstow there’s a ‘recycled’ paint place: where they sell leftover paint redirected from council waste sites. We buy there as it’s cheap, green and supporting a community project. There’s less choice of course but then not having to make a decision about the exact shade of the colour you’re after, or even the colour at all is really part of the fun of shopping there.

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