2 thoughts on “Comment: A failure of engagement

  1. Thanks for this James, and as I said to you, I don’t see it as a failure at all. It’s got people talking about archaeology, Public Archaeology, and how it relates to people – including a stay at home mum with no academic background who happens to blog about *stuff*.

    And again, I really appreciate that you’re welcoming of discussion. I think that will make your project a success, because you see all people contributing, commenting, and engaging as equal, no matter what background they’re coming from.

    And err, yeah… I probably will pop up in the project again. Because This Stuff Matters. And what you’re doing is important.

    • Hi! Yes, I was unsure about using that word, but went with it anyway… First, I considered putting a question mark at the end, but that would have allowed the response ‘No’ which I think would be inaccurate. I decided to use ‘failure’ not to suggest that any particular aim was not met, but that the system as a whole broke down somewhere. Of course your original post and my reposting created a lot of debate to it’s been a success too, in the way you have outlined here and elsewhere. JD

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