What do we hope to achieve?

Public Archaeology 2015 consists of a ‘development’ stage beginning on 16 July and a series of 12 public archaeology interventions over the course of 2015, each taking place for one calendar month. To start the development phase, each participant will make a blog post on their current plans for 2015 which will be open for anyone to comment on. Of course we prefer constructive criticism and see this stage as a source not just of good ideas for altering or expanding projects (participants may accept offers of help too!), but also encouragement and inspiration for what will surely be an exhausting year.

It is common now for projects of all kinds to have a stated aim to have the greatest possible impact. While our philosophy at Public Archaeology 2015 is definitely ‘the more the merrier’ we hope that the range of projects happening will allow for exploration of more subtle forms of engagement with archaeological themes and practice, down to the level of one-to-one conversations. There will also be no formal assessment of the project, no write-up, to allow the engagements and impacts created each month to speak for themselves.So, what do we hope to achieve? Public engagement with archaeology, nothing more. Undoubtedly though, some of these projects will go on to feed into future work and that in a small way is an outcome too.

So, our project posts will be going up from 16 July onwards and your comments and continued engagement with Public Archaeology 2015 will be greatly appreciated by all involved. See you below the line!


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